What is ASLC?


The Alberta School Library Council promotes and supports our members in advancing excellence in teaching and learning through effective school library learning commons practices.


The Alberta School Library Council is a proactive and progressive advocate for our members in building, cultivating and enhancing effective school library learning commons practices through leadership and professional development. 

Goals for 2015-18

 Professional Development:

Best of the Best: Edmonton Fall 2015, date TBA 


Leadership and Advocacy:

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ORC Grant-In-Aid Approved for 2015/2016

The Online Reference Centre (ORC) grant-in-aid for 2015/2016 has been approved and the ORC will remain available to all Alberta K-12 students, parents, staff and pre-service teachers.

Find valuable resources for teaching and learning at the ORC website http://www.learnalberta.ca/ or visit the ORC Support Site at http://www.onlinereferencecentre.ca/

New Issue of School Libraries in Canada

Celebrating Science and Technology can be accessed at http://clatoolbox.ca/casl/slicv31n3/313cover.html