Animoto:  As Easy as A, B, C

January 31, 2012 (2 Comments)

Posted by: Kelly

As I was pondering which web tool to talk about in my first post Animoto came to mind. This is a tool that is both easy to use and engaging for both the user and the viewer. If you haven’t tried it yet, take five minutes to create an account. Trust me…you will love Animoto as much as me, my staff and our students.

Animoto can be used to create stunning presentations, incorporating images, video clips and text.  The basic account will allow users to create a 30 second video and add music. It has music on the site itself that can be used but it also allows users to grab their own music.  I like that the site emails you when the creation you made is finished. Animoto is easy to share—email, upload to YouTube, Facebook, embed on websites,blogs…etc. And adding your own music is a piece of cake. Although they do warn users to make sure they are not breaking copyright laws. One drawback is that only the 30 second videos are free. But then isn’t the ability to “say a lot” in a short period of time a skill that we want our students to learn.  However, if 30 seconds is not enough educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus Account for use in the classroom.  

Using Animoto in Education

I use Animoto on the library site as a way of advertising both books and library events. Here is one that I created in less than five minutes advertising the 2012 YRCA nominees.


I have students in my grade 10 English class create a book trailers for novels.  A bonus of having students do this is that I have a collection of videos I can use to suppliment book talks!  Check out these student video's!


As well, students in one of our English classes used Animoto to create a representation of a poet's work to demonstrate their understanding of the poem.


A social teacher in my school has used Animoto to capture a historic event,and one of my favourite elementary teachers asks her students to create a biography using Animoto. I am sure that once you try it, you will easily think of other ways that this tool can be used in your work with your students.  

Go to Watch a few of the sample vidoes to be wowed then create a free account.

You will see it is as easy as...


Select create a video. Choose the video style you would like. Don't worry, if you change your mind later, it is easy to edit your video and change the style.  


Select the images you would like to use, add text boxes, and video clips.  Animoto provides ones that you may use or you can upload them from your computer.  Next select the music or sound you would like to have playing during your video.


Select produce vidoe and when your video is finished being published you will recieve a message in your email. 

Once your video is completed you can share with a link, embed in a website or blog and, if you are not happy with the final product, go back and select edit and change your video.

Here is a great PDF with images to prove you with more direction.  As well, the help and tutorials offered in Animoto are great source for trouble shooting.

As you work with Animoto, consider sharing in the comment section how you see yourself and your students using this tool.







Starting the Conversation…School Libraries in Alberta

January 29, 2012 (0 Comments)

Posted by: Kelly


Join us in our ‘new’ ASLC blog! A blog about school libraries for those who work in school libraries.

Four teacher-librarians with four different perspectives on libraries will be sharing this space with you. We hope that the change in our format will liven our blog and create conversation for teachers and teacher librarians in Alberta School Libraries.

Kelly Reierson, an Edmonton High School teacher librarian and the current ASLC’s Webmaster will be blogging on first of each month about web tools for students and teachers. She will provide practical classroom and library usages for the tools!

Lissa Davies, an Edmonton elementary teacher librarian and the current ASLC’s chair for Membership and Mentorship, will be blogging every second week of the month about strategies, trials and successes of being a .2 teacher librarian.

Diane Galloway-Solowon, the teacher librarian in charge of the Online Reference Centre and the ASLC’s Publication Director will be blogging every third week on current digital and print resources for libraries, classroom teachers and teacher-librarians.

Linda Davis, currently a principal in Calgary school and the Conference Chair for the ASLC’s Kaledoscope Conference, will be blogging sharing her journey as she moves her school library into a learning commons.

And as always, there is YOU, the reader. We invite your comments, your ideas and thoughts as we embark on this conversation about the evolving role of teacher librarians and school libraries! 


Start the year off with a bang! Connect with Teacher-Librarians across Alberta!

January 07, 2012 (0 Comments)

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Dear Colleague in the Library:

New to school libraries? Looking to connect with other Teacher Librarians or teachers assigned to the library? Join the Alberta School Library Council!

What can the Alberta School Library Council do for you as the Teacher Librarian or the teacher in charge of the library? The benefits are many, including the opportunity to:

  • access mentorship from an experienced Teacher Librarian;
  • connect with your colleagues throughout your region and the province;
  • attend professional development activities and events;
  • network with colleagues as well as with organizations such as the Department of Education, the Library Association of Alberta, the Alberta Library Trustees Association and the Canadian Association of School Libraries;
  • attend the annual spring conference, at which members share the latest information in the field of library studies and establish province wide networks;
  • attend Kaleidoscope, ASLC’s conference that celebrates children’s and young adult literature;
  • access annual research grants honouring professionalism and dedication in the field of library studies;
  • keep current through the Literacy, Learning and Libraries, the excellent professional journal of the Council;
  • advocate for the vital role of school libraries in Alberta schools; and access to online professional development at reduced cost.

For more information on membership and/or mentorship, contact
Explore our website and follow our blogs and tweets for tools, professional resources, reader’s advisory information and more.

If you are new to the library, you may be asking yourself, “What DO Teacher Librarians do, anyway?” Check out the poster in our Toolkit!    


Making It Work! 2017 ASLC Conference April 8th

Join ASLC and Diana Rendina, Renovated Learning and Walking Together in exploring the excitement and potential of Makerspaces to impact student learning and learn how literature can help you create an Inclusive Learning Commons!

Location: Strathcona High School 10450 72 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB   T6E0Z6

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