Learning in the 21st Century

What is Literacy in the 21st century?

Literacy is more than the ability to read and write.  It involves the knowledge, skills and abilities—the competencies—that enable individuals to think critically, communicate effectively, deal with change and solve problems in a variety of contexts to achieve their personal goals, develop their knowledge and potential, and participate fully in society. Government of Alberta, 2009b, p.6 

The governement of Alberta has published three must read publications to guide our work and understanding of students and teaching in the 21st Century:


The Partnership for 21st Century Learning has a great video called What 21st Century Readiness Means that clearly outlines the skills our students need to develop in order to be prepared for the future.  Be sure to browse the learning and teaching resources on Route21.

Check out what Sir Ken Robinson say's this means for schools and teaching.


Check out this little digital native and hear what she's looking for in terms of libraries!


As you know, book formats are changing quickly, with many people enjoying the convenience and portability of eBooks. This trend has also hit the textbook publishing world. There are pros and cons to both: for a balanced assessment of tablets versus textbooks, visit http://tablets-textbooks.procon.org/


Making It Work! 2017 ASLC Conference April 8th

Join ASLC and Diana Rendina, Renovated Learning and Walking Together in exploring the excitement and potential of Makerspaces to impact student learning and learn how literature can help you create an Inclusive Learning Commons!

Location: Strathcona High School 10450 72 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB   T6E0Z6

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